MARCH 2018


At our next Open Meeting in the Village Hall on Friday 9th March, the Group will have a display about the Marldon Parish Map, photos of the presentation to the Parish Council, and the opportunity for you to buy a copy of the Map (which has been featured on the Group’s website since 2010)  and the booklet which accompanied it from the Marldon Environment Group at the ridiculously giveaway price of only £3 !!

At the same Meeting, the Group will also have on display copies of 3 Parish Magazines from 1915 containing lists of the men from Marldon who were serving in the Armed Forces during WW1, with many names which will be familiar to our older residents. There will also be photographs of local men in uniform, some from the Hill family of Marldon. This year is the centenary of the end of the conflict – 11th November 1918 – and we hope that during the rest of this year we will be able to collect more information, including names and other details to add to what we already have.

Our Speaker at the Open Meeting will be Dr. Todd Gray, from Exeter University, who is one of our most requested and popular Speakers, and his talks are always interesting, informative and well researched. His talk is titled “Marldon & Elizabethan Insults in Devon” and is based on his two latest books about insults and swearing in Elizabethan Devon ! “Not for those who are easily offended” according to his publisher’s blurb !!

Although we are half-way through the Group’s year (September to September AGM), sadly, more than a few of our longstanding Members have not renewed their Membership. We are aware that there are various genuine reasons for this, but may we say that Membership can be renewed at any time of the year (and there are 3 Open Meetings with Guest Speakers, plus our Christmas Evening to come). Membership is only £5 per year – please contact our Secretary Derek (529859) or our Chairman Tony (521419) if you would like to join, or for any enquiries.

Look out for the posters on the Village Notice Boards for details of our Open Meeting on 9th March. Members will be notified direct as usual, and the Meeting is open to all – Members free and non-members only £2.

'How to Swear like an Elizabethan in Devon' byTodd Gray


  1. Please can you tell me the time of the meeting on 9th March. I’m sure it’s there somewhere but I can’t find it.

    Hilary Bick


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